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This movies site is completely free and can be enjoyed without the need for any registration. It features a very user-friendly interface. So, if you are visiting this website for the first time and are not very tech-savvy, you can always get the movie you desire without having to do much. In the archives of this website are movies numbering in their thousands. Also, these movies are in HD quality. Due to the top quality of the movies on this platform, it is one of the best platforms where you can stream movies for free. On this site is a search box that makes it possible to locate any movie of your choice. You simply need to type in its genre, tag, or name. Once you do this, you will get the results you require on the screen in some seconds. You can, therefore, proceed to pick the movie you are interested in seeing.

Watch Movies Online Free
As free movie sites come and go frequently, Primewire is considered a veteran in the streaming industry. Created 5 years ago under the name LetMeWatchThis, Primewire changed its domain name 1Channel before inevitably becoming PrimeWire. Every title on Primewire comes with dozens of link versions to make sure our users can always find links that work best for them. When Primewire went offline for the first time, fake copies quickly came into existence claiming to be the official alternate site. However, to protect yourself and your device from data loss and identity theft, you should visit our official Primewire only. 

What is wrong with Primewire?
Unfortunately, our old domain suffered from a hostile takeover by malicious ads. Millions of users can no longer access the site to watch and download free movies as they could before. But with the passion we have for movies, and the expertise we have gained after 5 years running the site, we are now officially back under the domain Primewire. Please welcome back a better version of Primewire as we have fixed our drawbacks and improved our streaming capabilities.

Is Primewire better than Soap2day?
Soap2day is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites, unfortunately, the site also has a bad reputation for dangerous ads tricking users into downloading malware. Our new Primewire is confident to provide you a safer place to watch free movies with better quality content and much more outstanding updates. Why watch series online with worries while you can do it on Primewire totally carefree? 

Is it illegal to use Primewire?
Technically, pirated streaming on is not illegal in the US. According to copyright attorneys, unless you download or share pirated files, you will not be subject to criminal or civil charges. Therefore, for your utmost safety, you should watch movies online on Primewire only and be extra careful when you want to download videos to watch offline later. To be completely anonymous, you can turn on a reliable VPN. 

Is Primewire safe?
Before the takeover, we were known as a safe and reliable place for millions of movie enthusiasts all over the world. Sadly, the old site is now dangerous for our beloved users. To provide you a great streaming experience with no viruses and malware, we have decided to come back under this domain. However, it is better safe than sorry, you should still take some precautionary measures such as turning on a VPN, anti-virus program and AdBlock extension for your utmost safety.

Is Primewire down?
To check if Primewire is down or having problems, use the site, or visit our Social channels for most recent updates.

What's the new website of Primewire?
Since the takeover of Primewire, fake sites are rampant on the Internet and it is not an easy task to figure out what is real, what is not. You might think you can simply visit them all to find the one that gives you the same content and streaming experience you once had with Primewire. But by doing so, you might put your identity and device at risk. Malicious ads are rampant on those fake sites and you should not just click on any link that has Primewire in the domain name. is currently the one and only you should visit for your safety.


And before you give the site a look, let us prove to you why you should trust us. With these superb features we are confident to be your next favorite site to watch free movies online. 

Excellent quality movies and TV shows: The cinematic world is so vast that no site is confident to provide you with all the movies and TV shows that have been made. However, we try our best to make sure what you are looking for can be found on Primewire. We update our database on a daily basis with the latest releases, most recent titles, as well as requested ones. If you cannot search for your title of interest on the site, simply make a request and wait for us for a couple of days to update it. All the titles on the site are in HD quality with multiple subtitles. We also boast superb streaming capabilities with fast loading speed and seamless streaming feature. We believe high quality content and streaming capabilities are what set us apart from fake sites. Play a video on Primewire and you will realize our quality is on the next level. 

No app installing needed: Not everyone opts for an app although it is normally optimized for a better user experience. Installing an app takes time and device memory so it is not everyone’s choice. But at [site_name], you can put that headache to rest as our mobile user experience is as smooth as butter as that of an app. [site_name] is mobile friendly and Chromecast supported so you can watch anime online on almost any device available, as long as it is Internet enabled. You can continue your cinematic journey wherever you go, whenever you are in the mood. 

Free streaming in HD quality: Unfortunately, free movie sites are not always a safe place to watch movies online. Many sites are filled with viruses and malware and they are the reasons many movie enthusiasts decide to go with paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, CrunchyRoll, etc instead. However, their paid tiers are not cheap and you can completely use Primewire as an alternative and save the money for better use. Not to mention that, free entertainment always gives us the greatest pleasure and excitement. 

Unlimited access to all HD movies and tv series: With no registration or account required, you can still access all the titles we have in our content library with no limits. In case you cannot find your title of choice on the site, simply send us a request and we will have it updated for you within a couple of days (if it is available somewhere on the Internet). 

Best alternative to Primewire
If for some reasons you cannot access Primewire or would like to check out other similar sites, we recommend you visit 123movies, SFlix, and MoviesJoy for high quality content and streaming experience. 

New Primewire is completely free, no ads and can be enjoyed without the need for any registration. It features a very user-friendly interface. So, if you are visiting this website for the first time and are not very tech-savvy, you can always get the movie you desire without having to do much.

New Primewire is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from MoviesCloud and watch it later if you want.